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    2/16/19 Passing Down 7on7 Champs


    Our programs are designed with every type of athlete in mind, with multiple year-round sport options (Winter, Spring, Summer, And Fall Seasons)


    Premier Athletics Sports Academy is an elite sports organization designed to elevate your athlete to the highest level of competition. Adhering to the most rigorous of standards, we have built a team of coaches and trainers that believe in our training process. Our staff is saturated with college and professional level athletes and coaches equipped with state of the art training and coaching ideals to build the next generation of champions.

    Our program extends beyond the scope of other athletic programs. Not only will your athlete learn the correct techniques and skills to excel in their sport of choice, they will be taught the strategy of the game itself. Combined with on-field experience, your athlete will develop an in-depth knowledge and wisdom that will improve their ability to adapt to dynamic situations during play and eliminate their fear of failure.

    We don’t just train better athletes, we train better leaders. Through frequent tutelage, situational experiences, and game-intensity scenarios, our program teaches athletes to identify challenges that arise within the team and those presented by their opponents.

    Athletes develop the ability to asses these challenges, combat opposition, overcome obstacles, and lead their team on the path to victory.

    With an emphasis on the team and individual growth, we ensure our athletes are well-rounded and gain an appreciation for the person beneath the jersey.

    Our programs teach athletes respect for the game, themselves, their peers, and their community. We believe winning, on and off the field, requires more than skill, it requires athletes hold themselves accountable and operate according to a code of ethics rooted in the principles of honesty, integrity, responsibility, and teamwork.

    At Premier Sports Academy, our goal is to give young athletes the skills, training, and comprehensive sports education they need to build an unshakable athletic and moral foundation. Upon this foundation, they will stand taller and stronger than their competition throughout their youth, high school, college, and athletic career beyond.

    7 on 7 & Real MVP Lineman Camps




    12 Week Sessions

    Softball (coming soon)

    4-Vert Football


    Soccer (coming soon)

    Tackle Football




    12 Week Sessions

    Lacrosse (coming soon)



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    Maximize your athletic and mental development process year-round by utilizing the same resources as college and professional athletes